iKOFLiX Over-The-Top (OTT) Services gives you freedom, accessibility and potential to reach a larger audience by streaming your content across a large set of smart devices. Besides live streaming, iKOFLiX comes readily integrated with many features you might need such as VOD, User Registration, Payment Services, Billing Services and much more.

{primary} With iKOFLiX we aim to bring all the services under one roof so you can focus on that thing that is most important - YOUR BUSINESS

User Experience

User experience is an integral part of iKOFLiX. Emphasize your brand and connect your iKOFLiX services with Social Media. Keep your audience always up to date with their favorite Social Media channel. Google, Apple, Amazon, LG & Samsung all offer their own app stores and with iKOFLiX you get access to all of them.

{primary} Whether your audience are home or on the go, - Their favorite content is always with them!